The Witness Magazine

The Witness is a bi-monthly missions magazine published by MB Mission which is currently sent out bundled in the U.S. Mennonite Brethren Christian Leader publication.

This is the Fall 2010 issue titled “India: East Meets West” with a focus on missions to North India. All of the design elements comes from Indian inspiration. The pages are tied together with colored bars at the top and bottom made up of Indian fabric designs. The pages are a natural tone with henna designs added to compliment the pictures. A lot of prevalence was given to the photography, focusing on the bright colors that are so ubiquitous in India.

This was a special project for me because I previously had spent some time in India. I was able to use that experience and also use some of my own photography in the design of this issue.

Client: MB Mission Date: Fall 2010 Type: Print Design