Hey I’m Julie Wiens. I believe in the strength of simple design, the power of meticulous kerning, and the principle of a purposeful order.

I am a graphic designer from California, who spent some time working in Denver, Colorado; and now lives in Germany. I received a BA in Graphic Design from Tabor College in Hillsboro, KS.

It all began with a simple handwritten birthday card. Specifically with the letter “g”. After sketching just that one letter, I found myself unable to stop myself from designing the whole alphabet. Then numbers and characters. I was carried away by the shaping of forms to join together in one consistent elegant type. Type is everywhere, but yet it’s ubiquity makes it easy for people to take for granted.

I’m all about clean and simple design. Simple is striking, simple is memorable, simple lasts through different trends. Simple stands the test of time.

In everything I am a planner, a thinker. As a designer I strive to create out-of-the-box designs, welcoming new challenges. Design is a problem. I love the thrill of taking that complex problem and finding the unique solution that is the perfect fit.

I currently work as a full time designer at MGE Peine. My primary responsibilities include producing print and web design, as well as overseeing general communications. I also do freelance work and enjoy the freedom and variety of projects I get to work on.

Enjoy my portfolio and feel free to contact me about doing some design work for you!